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Hate bony fishes? Here’s how to debone it right



When it comes to healthy eating fish simply stand out. It’s got all the healthy oils, proteins etc. the body needs but one of the things I hate about cooking fish is the deboning part. While most of the frozen stuff does come without bones there’s always a chance of some troublesome tiny ones being leftover. These are often known as pin bones.

In case you have an entire fillet you need to debone and not just the pin bones well then you could be in the kitchen for quite some time today. But it needs to not always be as tough as it seems. Here are few tips to get you started right.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is get the right set of tweezers. Look for stainless steel material that has broader and rectangular tips since these provide a better grip for even the most tedious of bones.
  • You can use other tools as well such as a nose plier or your cosmetic tweezers which often are equally effective but for long term basis, a culinary tweezer works best.
  • Firstly you need to find exactly where the bones are placed. For that gently run your hands over the fish from one end to the other. You’ll find most of the bones located in the middle of the fillet where it’s the thickest. While these bones tend to be quite long finding them can be tough as they are buried deep with only the end of it available at the surface.
  • In case you’re in a hurry here’s another tip you’ll find really helpful. Grab a mixing bowl and place it upside down on the kitchen counter. Now place the fillet bent over it with the flesh side upwards. The bend makes the bones easily visible and this can be pulled right out using your hands or tweezers.
  • Also always keep a bowl of water alongside while doing this as some of the bones tend to stick to the tweezer itself. Once you think it’s all done all you need to do is run your hand over the fillet one final time. Once that’s done the fillet is ready to be put on the grill, fried etc.

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