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Buying a real estate Edmonton can be a hard choice for most, especially with their intricate and unique design styles. If you’re still undecided on which is better for you and your family, here are a few disadvantages and advantages to consider in choosing a home.

Buying a Condominium


  • Pros


Plenty of people have been choosing condos over houses in the last few years because of how accommodating it is. Luxurious amenities like pools and gyms are already in the building, therefore making it cost-prohibitive. Not only that, condos are usually found in the heart of cities – urban areas. It makes shops, malls, and restaurants easily accessible. Add up a bit of exercise to your legs with a trip around the block, and you’re already there. The convenience and low-maintenance lifestyle that condos require are a huge attraction to most people.


  • Cons


One significant setback of condos is the list of fees you need to pay for every month. These fees that usually go to the building’s maintenance and amenities can be unreasonably expensive. Another is how some homeowners disagree with the rules and regulations of a particular condo, therefore giving them a difficult time to adjust.

Buying a House


  • Pros


The open space of the outdoors and the freedom to remodel or make changes around the house without anyone else’s consent is a significant advantage of having a house instead of a condo. Houses are much more spacious, adding up more storage spaces like attics, basements, and garages. The added up area of the exterior also makes it more accommodating to pets, parties, kids, and even gardening. Not only that, but privacy is also a feature since you don’t live as close to the neighbors, unlike in condos units.


  • Cons


All the responsibilities, such as interior and exterior maintenance, including plant care, are all in the hands of the homeowner. Spending on additional tools and services will also be needed as well if you are to have a leaking sink or a broken window. Also, the location might be of an issue to some. That favorite milk tea you’re craving might take you 20 minutes of travel time, unlike in urban located condos where most shops are just around the corner.

The mentioned advantages and disadvantages help you weigh out which is the better option for you. Whether it be a house or a condo is your decision. Remember, make sure to choose the one that accommodates your dwelling needs the most, making you feel at home.

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