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pest control gilbert azA sad part of the reality in moving is that pests are inevitable. If you’re thinking of changing houses, make yourself knowledgeable of the common insects that are likely to invade your home and let pest control gilbert az address the situation with you.




Termites are the number one pest infestation that can ruin and cause destruction for a home (especially those made of wood!). To better address a termite attack, you should first find out what drives them to enter your home. Termites, just like any other living creature, need to eat to be able to work. Unfortunately, their source of energy comes from cellulose, and you can find cellulose in wood. Other factors would be warmth, shelter, and moisture. And your house has all these factors. Let professionals help you because termites look like ants. You might be giving the wrong remedy all because of a weak distinguishing eye.




Before anything else, you must remember that roaches are nocturnal creatures. Seeing them in broad daylight means that there is a possible infestation. Infestations involve having to see feces and droppings, which bring a bad odor, as well as eggs (hatched or not). Eggs are round to oval in shape and are colored brown. Be sure to be on the lookout for possible infestations and immediately contact your local pest control service before these insects breed and multiply.




Rats and mice are ‘seasonal’ pets because most of the time, the only reason they squeeze themselves is because the weather starts becoming cold. Rodents need warm places to live and, of course, reproduce. Now, this is an infestation you would not want to turn a blind eye. You should remember that once these mammals start breeding, it’s like allowing a cell to divide until they die. Both rats and mice produce up to 10 litters per year and needing only four weeks to fully mature (and reproduce, of course). You better act fast if you want them out of your house.




Fleas can come from any animal and can infect even humans. As possible carriers of diseases and parasites, you wouldn’t want any type in interaction with insects. Make sure always to give them baths at least three to four times a week. Although infestation is highly possible when pets are inside the house, it’s also not impossible to have fleas pester you despite not having animals within your household. It helps to identify the species and then work with your local pest control service to address the situation.


Allow your home to be pest free with the help of pest control gilbert az!


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