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6 Reasons why every baker needs a Stand Mixer



While hand mixers are being used since a long time now, stand mixers have recently started gaining more importance over their counterparts. While the prior were previously good for home cooking, it took a lot of time and energy which cannot be spent anymore in today’s busy world. Stand mixers have helped tremendously in reducing the cooking time and the efforts involved, making it the go-to choice when planning to buy a mixer.

Here are a few benefits of using Stand Mixers in your household:

Let’s you multitask

One of the greatest advantages of using these appliances is that it lets you perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Now you don’t have to be next to your mixer the whole time to mix and mash your food, you can go ahead and prepare other food items in the meanwhile.

This comes as a huge help when you are hosting parties or you have large gatherings at home. You can just put your ingredients together into the bowl and get other stuff done in the mean time, making sure that you have everything ready by the time your first guests arrive. Convenient, isn’t it?

Various useful attachments

The fact that you can buy various attachments for different tasks and then get it done using just one appliance makes it a favorable choice for most people.

These attachments help you with various tasks; did you know these mixers aren’t just limited to beating? You can get whisks, whips, hooks, etc. and mash and mix your cream, eggs, etc. with considerable ease. You just need to buy the right attachment and then you are good to go. Here’s more in detail about the attachments and accessories.



Remember the time when you had to beat the egg by hand and it would take you 10 continuous minutes to get it done?

Well, you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious time anymore. You can let the stand mixer do your task in a much faster time while you are free to get other tasks done. A double time saver for you!

Minimize the Mess

One of the best thing about these mixers is that it reduces the amount of mess which otherwise might have occurred if you were using a hand mixer or worse doing it by hand.

We all remember how hard and messy it was to make a consistent batter for a cake with a beater, your batter dripping out whenever you stopped to put in a new ingredient or sometimes when accidentally you beat too fast or hard and the ingredients went flying out. Well, you don’t have to worry about such things while using the stand mixer.

You can add all the ingredients without removing the mixing bowl and can just lift the attachment and not spill the ingredients on the kitchen counter or floor. Cooking became just a whole lot cleaner people!


Less efforts

Another great benefit  is that it doesn’t require too many efforts from your side.

You just need to put the food into the bowl and set the speed and let the machine do its magic. Now you can play with your kids without being tired after you have cooked the food for them. Too good to be true? Try it out yourself

More efficient

Let’s be honest, no matter how good of a whisker or whipper you were, it still didn’t give you a consistent result most of the time. But with these mixers, you are sure to get your perfectly beaten batter which helps you in baking amazing cakes and cookies.


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