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5 Things you are doing wrong when cooking ribs but shouldn’t



One of the most favorite summer foods remains the ribs. No foodie’s summer can really be complete without some tender ribs with barbecue sauce.

Now you can have it grilled or straight out of the oven but the thing that remains key here is to cook it right. There’s nothing worse for a meat lover than uncooked, dried out or charred pieces of meat. So here’s what you shouldn’t be doing with ribs next time you’re cooking.

Not cooking it right

The first and foremost problem with ribs is not cooking it right. Both undercooked and overcooked ribs can kill the mood but getting it right is easier said than done. I usually recommend newbies to use a thermometer but it isn’t always accurate.

Let the meat speak for itself. When the meat starts to pull away from the bones or it tends to curl at the center it’s cooked perfectly.

Leaving the back membrane on

Wondering why the ribs aren’t coming out as tender as you’d like? That’s mostly because of the presence of a thin membrane layer on the bottom part of the ribs which though edible tends to stiffen when cooked.

Once you’ve run the knife through the membrane you can get the rest out using hands. It can be slippery and thus I would recommend you do it using a hand or paper towel to get a stronger grip. Here’s how it should be done.


Leaving it directly on the heat

Cooking on high heat directly is awesome if you’re in a hurry and cooking stuff like burgers; kebabs etc. but for ribs, patience is a virtue. High heat can not only result in uncooked portions but also leave the meat dry.

Make sure you place the meat correctly on the rack and only take the heat up a notch towards the end of the cook for a cherry look.

Putting it directly on the grill

We love the ribs to have that charred look and the smoky flavor but for that, the ribs need not be on the grill from the very beginning. For them to be well cooked and to keep them tender the ribs need to be on low heat for long but controlling heat on a grill is tough.

This is why most recipes ask you to pre-cook the ribs. The heat can be controlled plus the meat remains tender. I recommend you always bake the meat. Cooking it in a slow cooker is a good alternative too.

Using the sauce too early

While the sweetness of the barbecue or any sauce you plan to use adds to the yumminess of the ribs adding it too soon to it can result in instant burning and excessive charring. Keep in mind that the sauce isn’t a must.

But if you’re really in the mood for some I would suggest you only add it towards the end of the cook in order for it to heat up sufficiently and yet not char the edges.


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