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5 easy to make healthy yet yummy desserts using oats


It’s a proven fact that oats are one of the best and healthiest foods available. Whether you dieting or looking to get ripped it’s often the go to breakfast but that’s not all.

There’s a lot more to oats than that. Adding their crisp yummy goodness to desserts can give it a whole new dimension and a healthy twist. So here are a few oat desserts I would recommend for your next dinner party.

Oatmeal Raisin skillet cookie

If you love both oats and cookie then this is one cookie you’d love munching on every time hunger strikes. Here oats are kneaded into the dough and once the cookies are baked you can you can top them off with another dash of oats goodiness.

If baked right the cookie will have crunchy outside and a softer center. I would recommend you eat it warm and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and dig in directly into the pan.


Peanut Butter Truffles

Those looking for an on the go snack that is easy to make this is the ideal recipe. The golden sprinkle add-on on top of each truffle gives them a classy and traditional finish.

You can make both smaller and bigger rounds thus making it easier to carry even in your lunch boxes etc. or simply serve them as individual dessert starters at the next evening party. They also make the perfect birthday presents for kids.


Cocoa Puffs Ice cream sandwiches

This isn’t your everyday cookie. Here the cocoa puffs and other ingredients combine to give the cookie effect. Add a layer of Nutella and your favorite ice cream in the middle and freeze it overnight to help it set better.

After each layer has firmed up simply slice it into smaller pieces for serving with a small scoop of ice cream on top.


Fruit loops cookies

The only issue with these cookies is that they don’t seem as interesting as the rest but when it comes to taste they definitely pack a punch. Once you’ve given the dough the desired shape refrigerate it for 2-3 hours as it holds it in place when baked and also keeps them soft and bloated and once it’s baked you can add in some fruity cereals etc. to make it more interesting.


Almond butter cups with a twist

Does hunger strike you well past bedtime or is it chocolate craving you’re finding hard to quell? Well, irrespective of that these yummy chocolate and almond cups are exactly what you need. Use some leftover cheerios as a topping.

Make sure you let the almond and butter base set properly before you add the chocolate and Cheerios layer. Once done let the layers firm up further in the freezer for 4-5 hours.



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