Day: August 15, 2019

Undoubtingly, solar power contributes to the world as it provides renewable energy; thereby environmental-wise very advantageous. While the rate of solar energy dropped in recent years, homeowners are starting to practically consider solar power as an alternative energy solution to save from indiscriminate energy consumption. 

Solar now competes with the mainstream worldwide energy market, supplying aid to different sectors. Solar panels for business, for one, has also offered significant benefits in the business world by reducing the expense against rising energy costs. But do you know how a Solar Power work? Let the article explain it to you.

Solar Panels in a Nutshell

Solar panels absorb the sunlight through the photovoltaic cells. It will then generate direct current (DC) energy that will be converted to functional alternating current (AC) energy utilizing the inverter technology. The AC energy will then flow through the house’s electrical panel in which the power will be distributed to other parts of the house accordingly.

Photovoltaic cells

The photovoltaic cells absorb the Sun’s energy and shall alter it to become a DC electricity. In basic terms, the solar panel allows photons (light particles) to knock free electrons from atom to produce the flow of energy. In point of fact, a solar panel is comprised of smaller units called photovoltaic cells, which looked like a two-slices sandwich of semiconducting materials made of silicon. The word ‘photovoltaic’ basically means that these cells convert sunlight into electricity. These cells are connected to create the structure of the solar panel.

Electric Field

The photovoltaic cells necessarily need to generate an electric field, much to the like of a magnetic field. It can appear that way because of opposite poles wherein the electric field occurs at the time when the different charges are being separated. To make this possible, manufacturers nobble silicon with other materials to provide each slice of the ‘sandwich’ a positive or negative electrical charge. 

The Sun, a great ball of nuclear power, has enough power to fuel the Solar System for billions of years. Solar panels can convert this energy into an infinite quantity of electricity. Therefore, let’s be environmental-friendly by using renewable energy from solar panels for business.

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